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Aubrey Daniels International to License Blitz Precision Learning

Print Article Contributed by FSM Staff

ATLANTA -- Aubrey Daniels International (ADI), a workplace consultancy, is providing organizations an opportunity to license its Blitz Precision Learning, a Web-based training and evaluation program that increases the return on training investments.

“Blitz not only enables organizations to train more efficiently than most other training options,” said ADI President and CEO Tom Spencer, Ph.D., “but more importantly, Blitz ensures that the learning is retained long after training has ended.

Accessible from a computer or a tablet, Blitz provides self-paced learning that includes learner-specific measurement and goal setting, graphic feedback, and frequent reinforcement on the accuracy and speed of responding.

“Organizations often commit significant resources to training initiatives every year, frequently with little impact,” Spencer said. “Much corporate training wastes time and money because it only builds awareness. Even effective training programs typically only develop mastery—the ability to demonstrate learning with few or no errors, at the time of training. This limited approach neglects the next step, which is building fluency—the ability to recall learning and apply it accurately and without hesitation, long after the training. As a result, employees aren’t optimally efficient or effective, errors and accidents occur, and retraining is needed.”

Spencer said fluency is critical because it enables employees to instantly transfer what they have learned so they can handle complex situations without hesitation, which is particularly important in jobs that involve distractions and pressure.

“Far from a classroom, employees may be on a shop floor, on a sales call or in a call center,” Spencer said. “They don’t have time to check a manual and can’t afford to guess.”

Blitz has earned Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.1 certification, meaning Blitz lessons can be integrated easily with popular LTI-certified Learning Management Systems, such as Moodle and Blackboard. It can accommodate the full range of training needs, from onboarding to refresher learning, to sharing new or updated information.

Blitz is available through user-based licensing agreements. It may be implemented as a stand-alone training and evaluation system or combined with other training methods in a blended learning approach.

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Atlanta, Aubrey Daniels International (ADI) works globally with a diverse spectrum of clients, including many of the Fortune 500. It helps accelerate the business and safety performance of companies worldwide by using positive, practical approaches grounded in the science of behavior and engineered to ensure long-term sustainability.

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