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inFront Streamlines Petrochemical Personnel Log In Process


Print Article Contributed by Lion Technology Inc.

NEW ORLEANS, LA -- inFRONT Devices and Systems has announced the availability of its AllClear Unit Accountability technology that streamlines the personnel logging process in control rooms while giving the Site Emergency Response (SER) group the real-time location of all staff onsite.

Currently, the majority of production units within petrochemical plants utilize pen and paper to account for all persons entering and exiting the work area. With AllClear’s Unit Accountability technology, personnel can toss the pen and paper aside and use their credential to log their presence.

This information is immediately shared with the unit’s control room, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and authorized emergency responders via their mobile devices so they have instant access to data about people on site, should there be an emergency where immediate evacuation is necessary.  

“After inspecting scores of facilities and sifting through all the sign-in sheets, we found many inconsistencies and inefficiencies in the sign in/sign out process,” said Chris Laibe founder and president of inFRONT. “These inefficiencies can not only cost thousands of dollars per day in wasted time but in the worst case scenario can provide inaccurate data to responders in emergencies. The information in the sign in sheets is critical to knowing who is present in the production unit. With the paper and pen logging process, if the unit is compromised or inaccessible, responders must fly blind. We listened to countless stories about these industry challenges, and created a solution to solve the problem.”

AllClear Unit Accountability is part of the AllClear Emergency Assembly’s suite of solutions created by industry safety professionals to find petrochemical employees and get them to safe zones 90 percent faster than the common method. The Unit Accountability offering is a result of inFRONT’s commitment to stay connected to the industry’s needs. inFRONT maintains a conversation with emergency response teams and safety leaders in the petrochemical field to ensure that its product is truly providing value where response teams need it most.

A production supervisor of a major Gulf Coast refinery recently recounted his experience with AllClear, “We had two issues. The first was that staff would frequently forget to sign out of the unit, but we had no way to hold them accountable. The second was a scary lesson when our sign-in sheet was destroyed by rain and left us with no record of who was in the unit. AllClear’s Unit Accountability technology solves both for us.”

inFRONT will demonstrate its AllClear Emergency Assembly’s entire suite of solutions in booth 317 at the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Seminar in Galveston, Texas in June.

New Orleans-based inFRONT is dedicated to improving business processes in the petrochemical industry. For over 30 years, the company has been integrating its solutions among core business applications that perform time and attendance, emergency assembly, ERP and human resources functions.

For more information on inFRONT, visit www.infront.com.






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